10 Signs It’s Time for a Home Health Aide

It feels great being able to take care of our loved ones, especially the aging parents. Of course, they sacrificed a lot for us to be who we are today, and it is always amazing to return the favor with love. Taking care of them not only means visiting or living with them, but also ensuring that they are healthy and comfortable. At times going for extra help for your aging parents comes as the only and best way to ensure their long-term well-being.

And while the idea of home care aide is not one of the most embraced conversations by most aging parents, it is quite inevitable. The question is, how can you tell that it is time to start this conversation or look for a reliable home care company? Here are a few signs that show it is time to get Home Health Aid for your loved ones. These signs will help you know when Boca home care is right for you. 

Dirty and Disorderly House

Is your mother the type who used to scold you for leaving the house unclean or your dirty clothes on the floor? Did your dad complain about leaving dirty shoes in his car? If your parents valued cleanliness and have always maintained it in their house but do not care anymore, something is amiss. Maybe they are too old to not only maintain cleanliness or orderliness but also notice it. They need help, and a home health aide is the way to go.

If They Are Suffering From One or More Serious Disease

There are numerous diseases that are associated with old age, and it is very sad when your aging parents become victims. They will need skilled care from a trained professional, and as much as you may want to keep being there for them, your help will not be adequate in this situation. A home health aide will help in managing their symptoms while preventing frequent visits to the hospital. Some of the illnesses to watch out for include stroke, heart failure, Alzheimers, diabetes, or cancer, among others.

If They Have Mobility Issues

As people get old, their strength, balance, and ability to move around deteriorates. Therefore, if you realize that your parents are having problems to walk around, it might be the right time to look for a home health aide for them. Some of the things you can look out for is frequent falls, instability when standing, or holding onto things when walking in the house. Do not wait until they experience a serious fall for you to take action. Boca home care may be in the cards if mobility issues are occurring. 

If They Are Losing Weight

If you live with your parents or visit them regularly, you most probably will notice when abrupt changes occur on their bodies. When you ask them, they will always say that they are fine, but you should know better. Maybe they are eating less every day, or they are not eating a balanced diet at all. Check their refrigerator and pantry — do they have any food? And if they have food, how healthy is it, considering their need for a balanced diet based on their age and health conditions. They may be struggling to do shopping, cooking, or even eat by themselves. Those who have dementia may even forget to eat.

Poor Personal Hygiene

This is a straightforward sign that your parents need help. If you notice that your ever smiling and clean mother is producing somebody odor or bad breath, just know that she needs help. Most probably she finds showering to be too much work or is afraid to fall in the bathroom. Sometimes they just forget to shower or brush their teeth. And since this is not their normal state, home health aide could be all they need. Boca home care can help with hygiene needs. 

If They Cannot Leave Their House Unless Helped

Almost everyone loves the morning or evening walk, and if this is something that your parents loved, it may feel sad that they can’t do it anymore. It means that the only time they leave their homes is when they have a doctor’s appointment or going for an important event such as family gathering. If they only manage this by using a wheelchair, walker, crutches, or support from other people, then it is time to look for a home care aide for them.

When They Do Not Value the Things They Used to Love Anymore

If your aging parents do not love to engage in activities they enjoyed before; it might be time for you to get them home health care. Maybe they are afraid of falling or getting lost out there. Unfortunately, if they can do these things anymore, it means they will spend most of their time alone in the house. It can lead to depression, dementia, high blood pressure, or infection, among other health issues. Get them the help they need. Boca home care is an excellent option for bringing spark back into the lives of those who have lost interest in hobbies. 

If They Suffer Frequent Injuries

Do you find your mum or dad with new injuries, scratches, cuts, or bruises every time you visit them? This is a sign they are most probably falling frequently or stumbling on things in the house. The worst part is when they cannot even remember how or when it happened. It is obvious they need closer care.

If They Forget Their Medications

If you ever notice that your ailing and aging parents are not taking their medications or are taking them wrongly, it is a sign that they need home health aide. Most aging parents suffer from chronic diseases, and if they do not take the right medicines or do not take them altogether, it may worsen their situation.

Forgetfulness and Confusion

Do your loving parents always forget where they placed the remote, wallet, phone, or car keys? Do they seem like they can’t carry out their daily chores such as vacuuming or laundry anymore? It is normal to misplace something and forge for a moment. However, if it happens frequently and with different items, that’s a red flag. It is a huge sign that your forgetful or confused parents need extra help. Do not wait until they lose something essential for their well-being.

Most aging parents will try to avoid the idea of home health care. However, being the loving daughter or son who cares about their well-being, this is the best way to show it. With reliable home health aide, they will get all the help they need to live longer, healthily, and comfortably. There are many factors to consider when thinking about Boca home care. Contact Champion Home Health today if you have any questions. 

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