Senior Citizens and the Isolation Dilemma

Senior Citizens and Loneliness

Boca Home Care notes that loneliness is no joke among the senior citizens of the world. Isolation can be detrimental to people regardless of their specific age groups. It can take a particularly big toll on people who are older. However, if you care about a person who is on the older side, then you may want to do anything you can to keep his or her feelings of loneliness at bay. A little bit of effort can go a long way in the loneliness department, after all.

Medical Concerns

A senior citizen who is lonely and who doesn’t get stimulation from other people may be a lot more susceptible to a host of significant medical concerns, believe it or not. A senior citizen who is constantly solo may be a lot more vulnerable to passing away from a vast array of potential triggers. Lonely seniors may be a lot more vulnerable to death similar to those who have significant troubles that are the result of not getting any exercise, obesity and smoking.

Dementia is a huge issue for older individuals all over the map. It involves memory loss and a host of similar concerns. Lack of stimulation of the brain is a real problem that can make humans a lot more susceptible to cognition problems of all kinds. If an older person rarely is ever in the company of living and breathing human beings who interact with them, then dementia may become a significant and meaningful concern.

Lack of or nonexistent social interactions with others can be a recipe for serious health issues that involve the heart. It can make people markedly more vulnerable to the emergence of cardiovascular disease, first of all. It can even make people a lot more vulnerable to stroke. Since these are two examples of medical conditions that are potentially deadly, they prove just how detrimental loneliness can be to older folks.

Emotional Disorders

It’s no shocker that older people who are alone all of the time are usually a lot more vulnerable to mood disorders. A senior who doesn’t get to be around others much may exhibit indications of depressive disorder. He or she may feel nervous all of the time. These emotions may make an individual think persistently about committing suicide. Senior citizens who do not get to be around others a lot are often a lot more prone to actually killing themselves.

Senior citizens are older people who are already a lot more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and all of its consequences. If a lonely senior has had heart failure, then he or she may be a lot more susceptible to passing away. He or she may be a lot more susceptible to having to spend a significant amount of time in the hospital for any reason. He or she may even be a lot more susceptible to dealing with urgent concerns that involve cardiovascular disease.

It’s no laughing matter at all. Loneliness is an epidemic among older people. It’s as fatal as smoking is. It’s equally as fatal as being obese. Senior citizens who are isolated are especially susceptible to being stressed out. They’re especially susceptible to having hypertension or high blood pressure, too.

It’s no shocker that being alone can make senior citizens a lot more susceptible to taking part in all kinds of pastimes that aren’t exactly conducive to attaining and maintaining glowing health. If an older person is alone, then he or she may be more susceptible to taking up a dangerous and lasting smoking habit. He or she may be a lot more susceptible to drinking immoderate amounts of alcoholic beverages. He or she may even be a lot more likely to ignore the importance of exercising on a frequent basis. The truth is that social interactions can motivate older folks to consume diets that are balanced and well-rounded. They can motivate them to move their bodies a lot more and get sufficient exercise. They can motivate them to be healthier individuals overall.

Susceptible to Mistreatment

If a senior is isolated all of the time, then he or she may be more susceptible to improper treatment from other human beings. That’s because other people may not pick up on their instances of mistreatment as rapidly. Note, too, that older individuals who are alone a lot often do not speak out about any abuse they get. If a senior is lonely and doesn’t have a reliable relative or anyone else similar, then he or she may not resist the urge to keep his or her mouth firmly shut about any questionable happenings that are taking place. Abused senior citizens in some cases even go to the troubles of safeguarding the people who hurt them. That’s because they may live in fear of losing out on help entirely. It can be a vicious cycle for people who do not have in-depth support systems in place.

It isn’t atypical at all for senior citizens to live on their own in this day and age. There are many things that have contributed to this situation as well. Divorce has been a pretty common thing throughout the course of the last four decades or so. There are also many grown individuals who didn’t even get married to anyone else in the first place. There are a plenitude of older individuals who never had any kids of their own. Births dropped considerably with the baby boomers. That’s why there are so many senior citizens out there who just do not have any kids to check up on them regularly. These are all things that can lead to many seniors who do not have much outside support at all.

There are also many female senior citizens who live independently and who do not get many chances to interact with other humans. There are many women who have husbands who passed away. Many women are divorcees. There are women who are alone who have been single for their entire lives all the same. Contact the Boca home care specialists at Champion Home Health for more on helping the seniors you love avoid isolation during these difficult times.

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