How a Home Health Aide Can Help a Senior with Memory Loss

Home Caregiver with senior man in bathroom

Whether it’s your spouse or elderly parent, watching a loved one age is challenging. Loss of mobility, loss of independence and increasing medical issues are all part of the process. Memory loss is a key factor in the many decisions that will be made on this journey, and knowing what’s best for your loved one will require research and patience. 


Housing is one of the biggest considerations to be made. For many seniors suffering with memory loss, staying in their own home is paramount to their ability to function well for as long as possible. Unfortunately, many spouses and other family members are unable to provide the consistent support needed daily, and that’s where a home health aide can provide immeasurable assistance to your loved one with memory loss and provide you with peace of mind.


Help with Daily Routines

Seniors experiencing memory loss need support to help them accomplish their daily routines. Whether hired part or full-time, skilled home health aides provide that support. Memory loss is described as unusual forgetfulness, and dementia is any combination of two or more of these symptoms: memory loss, visual perception, reasoning and judgment, communication and language, and the ability to focus. Home health aides are trained to supplement care being provided by family members as required. From assisting your loved one with everyday tasks such as brushing teeth, administering medication, bathing, eating, shopping and transportation arrangements, their services are irreplaceable. 


Keeping Them Engaged

These caring and compassionate individuals help your senior loved one stay engaged and socialized. Both are proven to be essential tools as they provide routine and structure to seniors. People suffering from memory loss crave stability and do better when they are as active as they can be.


Relieving Stress for the Family Members

Many spouses and family members feel shame, guilt and failure when providing long-term care to a loved one suffering from memory loss. There never seems to be enough time in the day to juggle life and provide the necessary care. Caregivers begin to feel more stressed, and they may not be able to physically provide the care due to their own health issues, and tempers inevitably flare, which is not good for the person suffering memory loss. It’s OK to ask for help! Hiring a home health aide allows family members to spend time with their loved one, being the spouse, child or grandchild they’re meant to be, not the sole caregiver.  


At Champion Home Health Care, our home health aides are empathetic, kind and patient. These are the core values we take pride in. Our home health aides enjoy nurturing companionship and creating relationships with their patients based on consistency and trust. Don’t let the care you provide to your senior loved one overtake your life and change your relationship with them. Help is only a phone call away at 321-306-2551. Get back to being the wife, husband, child or grandchild and spend quality time with your loved one building memories that you will cherish.