How to Support Your Elderly Loved One When They Become Ill


When an elderly loved one is diagnosed with a serious, potentially life-ending illness, the world stops turning for a beat. It takes a minute to absorb the news. Shortly after, a billion questions regarding the illness, its anticipated progression, potential treatment plans, medications, where to find specialists, costs, and more come to mind. Then, the reality of moving forward with daily life kicks in. Decisions need to be made, especially how to provide the best care and support for the senior loved one who is taking on this challenge that life has placed in their way. Champion Home Health Care can guide the way to providing comprehensive care, leaving family members to deliver the important personal support and love necessary to see their family member through it all. Here are a few tips to consider when helping a loved one through this process: 


Staying Positive

Maintaining a positive attitude while providing care for someone who has a serious, possibly life-threatening illness is important for everyone involved. It encourages the patient to remain connected and involved in their own care, a critical component during treatment and end-of-life preparation. Studies have shown that caregivers also benefit from delivering care and support in a positive frame of mind. Stress, anxiety and depression can easily creep into the redundancy of providing daily care which negatively impacts the caregiver. Emotions tend to run very high during periods of long illness, and the elderly loved one can easily feel they are being a burden. Many will seek reassurance that they are still contributing to the family. 


Accepting New Boundaries

Often the family member providing care is working and managing their family day to day activities. The boundary of the relationship between parent and child often gets blurred when loved ones are providing care at home. The issues of providing toileting, bathing and grooming support can be problematic, but they are necessary components of giving quality care. There comes a point in this journey where the caregiver experiences fatigue, loss of optimism and isolation similar to that which the patient feels. It doesn’t have to get to this point. Help is just a phone call away.


Hiring a Home Health Aide

Hiring a professional to assist with providing care for an elderly loved one improves the relationship between caregiver and patient. The caregiver’s mood improves when part of the burden is removed from their plate. Often, the patient requires more qualified care as their disease progresses. Champion Home Health Care will work with you to develop a plan for care of your senior loved one that relieves the caregiver and reassures the patient.  


From private duty nursing to physical therapy to providing an in-home health aide, Champion can provide the quality care needed during recuperation from a long illness or an illness that will be life-ending. Call us today at 321-608-3838 to speak with our caring staff.