Is Around-The-Clock Care Available at Home?

When we think of home health care, we often think of someone coming during the day to help out, but we may not think about around-the-clock care.  Perhaps you thought that if your loved one required that level of care, then you would have to have them admitted to a facility.  We have good news for you.  If you were hoping to keep your senior loved one at home (yours or theirs) and need around-the-clock care, that is absolutely possible!


Because one’s needs vary throughout the day and are based on the specific issues which they are dealing with, we cater your loved one’s care team specifically to their needs.  If your elderly loved one requires a Registered Nurse during the day to administer medications, but only needs someone there at night to help them get to/from the bathroom, then we will vary your caregivers throughout the day based upon those needs.


Different Senior Helpers for Different Needs

Obviously, one home health aide cannot work a solid 24-hour shift!  Your loved one will have multiple caregivers during a 24-hour period, each uniquely chosen to meet the needs of your loved one during the hours they are in the home.


Keeping Senior Loved Ones at Home

As your parents or senior loved ones age, you may have wondered if it would be possible to keep them at home, and we want to reassure you that it is.  Imagine being uprooted from your home, forced to live somewhere else in an uncomfortable bed, surrounded by people you don’t know.  It smells different.  It’s noisy.  It isn’t home!  It doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?  The senior in your life probably feels the same way.  Staying at home is comforting and familiar.  It may help reduce anxiety.  It may even help your loved one to be more cooperative when they aren’t being forced to live somewhere that they don’t want to be.


Finding a Home Health Agency that Provides 24/7 Care

If the above sounds all too familiar because it is the stage you find yourself and your senior loved one in, then don’t fret!  Just give us a call at Champion Home Health Care.  We have caregivers, nurses, and home health aides serving the areas of North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale.  24-hour-care may never have seemed possible before, but it is! Champion Home Health Care of South Florida is here to lighten your load and give compassionate care of the highest quality to your loved one.

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