Quality of Home Health Care

Champion Home Health South Florida Caregiver with Elderly Woman

Inviting someone into your home to care for a loved one is a very personal decision.  We usually only invite family members or friends into our homes.  Sometimes we invite acquaintances in an attempt to get to know them better to decide if we would like to become friends.  But, inviting a stranger into your home for hours at a time?  That definitely is unusual and does not feel natural for most.  That is why at Champion Home Health Care of South Florida, we understand what an important and personal decision it is when you choose a home health care provider.

Home Care the Wrong Way

In speaking to a local resident, she shared, “My niece has severe Cerebral Palsy.  She cannot speak or walk.  She is wheelchair-bound and fed by a feeding tube.  However, her CP mainly affects her physical health.  She is completely cognitively aware and has a wicked sense of humor!  My sister hired a home health care worker as she and her husband both work.  At one point, our niece fell out of her bed and was on the floor for up to forty-five minutes before her healthcare worker “rescued” her.  Upon this discovery, my sister and her husband IMMEDIATELY fired her!  They were beyond upset, as was the rest of the family when we found out!”


If you have ever heard this kind of story, you are probably thinking, “There is no way you are going to convince me to hire someone like that!”  You’re right!  We don’t WANT you to hire someone like that!  That is why we take extensive measures to make sure that our health care workers are of the highest quality and that the care of your loved one is their number one priority.  They are all licensed and insured.  We make our potential caregivers go through criminal background checks and personal identity verification.  They are CPR certified, as well.  We have CNAs, LPNs, and RNs that work for us so that we can connect you with the perfect person to meet your loved one’s specific needs.


Home Care the Right Way

We want your loved one to be happy when their home health care assistance worker arrives. We’d like it to feel like they are having a friend or family member over for a visit.  That is how it SHOULD feel.  It is important to choose a company with a proven track record.  Our Boca Raton home care office is run by one of the actual founders of Champion Home Health Care, Kim Champion, and she has over thirty years of experience in the industry!  Our West Palm Beach home health office is owned and operated by Cathy and Bob Ostellino. Cathy is an RN with her BSN (Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing) who has many years of experience in the home health field. Her husband, Bob, has a background in marketing and business.  Together, they know how to take care of clients with great success.


Don’t just hire the least expensive caregiver in Palm Beach that you can find.  It can put your loved one in danger.  Remember, their health insurance may cover all or part of the cost of their home care.  Also, don’t just hire someone because they seem nice.  It is important that they have the proper healthcare background as well as a great bedside manner.  The previously mentioned family with the daughter who has CP DID go through a home healthcare company, but they did NOT go through us.  We hope you can see the difference.  If you’re in need of qualified senior helpers in the Fort Lauderdale or North Palm Beach areas, please give us a call today!  Champion Home Health Care of South Florida cares about you and your home care assistance needs.

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