Senior Home Health Care and Hurricane Preparation

While hurricane season here in Florida lasts six months (June through November), about half of that is considered the “prime” hurricane season.  Mid-August is the beginning of this “prime” time.  If someone you love has a home health caregiver, you may want to remind your loved one that their home health care provider can help them get prepared for a hurricane.  They do not need to panic nor do they need to try to do it by themselves!


What Can Caregivers Do for Seniors When Pepping for a Hurricane?

Many seniors do not have loved ones that live nearby which is why they have a home health care worker to care for them in the first place.  Even if they have family that only live a couple of hours away, depending upon where the hurricane is due to hit, their family may not be able to make the trip over to help.  But, this is just one of the many amazing things that home health care can provide for your elderly loved one!


Run Errands

Prior to a hurricane, there are usually many errands that need to be done.  Any prescriptions that are going to need renewal during the week of the hurricane and the week following the hurricane should be filled prior to the hurricane’s arrival, if possible.  Your loved one’s senior helper can help pick up the prescriptions.


Stock Up

Water is one of the main items that one needs to have on hand during hurricanes.  We recommend that everyone keep at least a couple of cases (24 bottles per case) of bottled water on hand at all times. If your senior loved one does not already have a water supply, then this is something that their home caregiver can go to the store and purchase for them, along with any other groceries that might be needed in case your loved one is homebound for a while due to the storm.  Additionally, plenty of toilet paper is important.  Stores will close during major storms, and you don’t want your loved one to not have T.P. on hand!  Another important item that a caregiver can purchase for your loved one is any pet food that might be necessary.  We don’t want anybody’s furry friends running out of food when the stores are closed. And, don’t forget flashlights, batteries, and a first-aid kit.  It may be helpful to your loved one and their caregiver if you make a hurricane prep shopping list on their behalf for their home health care worker.


Help Prepare

Your loved one may not be completely invalid and may wish to go on these errands with their home health care worker.  This is a great idea because they may see something at the store that they forgot they needed.  Additionally, it gives them one last outing before they are cooped up in the house.  Have their gas tank in their vehicle filled, as well, just in case any type of evacuation is necessary.


Champion Home Health Care of South Florida is a premier home health agency.  Our home health care workers are highly trained.  They truly care about their clients and are more than happy to run all these pre-hurricane errands. If your senior loved one is in need of care, particularly prior to a hurricane, then please call us immediately.  We serve the Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale areas.  We will match them with a great caregiver that you and they will be pleased to have!

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