Therapies to Improve Health

Has your mobility been affected by an injury, illness, or accident? Perhaps you’re unable to lift objects, bend down, or have pain and discomfort getting up from or going into a seated position? Do you have a fear of falling because of poor balance or a lack of strength? Are you experiencing issues with swallowing or your speech? Champion Home Health Care of South Florida has licensed therapists who can assist you with a wide variety of therapies. Best of all, our therapists can come right to your home to administer care.

The goal of our Physical Therapists is to assess your current level of mobility. They will guide you through a multitude of tailored exercises to help meet your specific needs to help you walk better and prevent falls. They will also coach you on exercises that you can do between their visits to help maximize your recovery.

Champion’s Occupational Therapists work with you to assess your upper body strength and flexibility. Once the evaluation is concluded the therapist will guide you through exercises and stretching movements to help you regain function in your upper body.

We also offer Speech Therapy for our clients who require it. Champion’s speech therapists will teach techniques to help you avoid choking and improve your safety. Our speech therapists can also help you strengthen your voice through various vocal exercises.


Champion Home Health Care’s highly trained therapists are here for you when you need them. Our therapists will teach you how to feel safer in your home, and help you restore that feeling of independence that can be hindered after a traumatic event.

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