Daily Habits to Help Seniors Stay Happy & Healthy

There are many daily habits beloved seniors can do to help maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. A lot of seniors reside in retirement communities while others are in their own homes. No matter where they are living, they can maintain a fulfilling life from exactly where they are. Follow these tips for seniors to help do your part. The easiest way you can find out how to make a particular senior happy is by asking, “What can I do to make you happy today?”. Seniors will usually have a request that you can accommodate, which shows you care. This is an easy way to provide them with joy, leading to a positive bond between the two of you.


Always remember that a smile can go a long way. Smiling is one of the easiest things a senior can do to boost their mood. A simple smile in the mirror helps trigger hormones in the body to increase happiness.


Socializing is another essential habit a senior can do to maintain a healthy life and good spirits. Many retirement communities offer opportunities for socialization. These include meal times in a dining hall where they can enjoy meals with others and discuss various topics, visiting with family and friends, bingo, book clubs, and other fun activities. It is important to visit friends or family members that live in a retirement community as some of them do not have the ability to leave. You can help make someone smile just by visiting a senior. Socializing is very important especially at this later age as many feel alone. Many seniors enjoy connecting with others by telling stories about their past. Sometimes they repeat these stories. While socializing with a senior, you should be inquisitive about their past. Ask questions regarding old photos of family members. This will open doors for them and jog their memory. If that happens, sit back and listen. Wisdom comes in all forms at this age. If you happen to get in an argument with a senior, let it go and let them feel like they are right. This will help them have a sense of security. Socialization for seniors can help maintain a senior feeling connected with the world around them.


Maintaining a sense of humor is another beneficial daily habit for seniors. Seniors often feel depressed as they are in a very hard stage of their life. Humor can certainly brighten their day. Whether it’s a pun, a knock-knock joke, or a humorous story, everyone likes to laugh no matter their age. This will help lighten the mood and help with stress relief as well as looking on the brighter side.


Seniors often have a digestive system that has slowed down with their age. It is essential for them to have healthy diets to help maintain excellent health as their bodies go through changes. Some of these diets can be pretty strict due to sugar, glucose, or other dietary needs, but with enough care and creativity, these meals can still bring smiles. The secret behind these meals is that many recipes have alternatives that can give a senior the flavor they crave. These alternatives use ingredients that still stay within their daily diet. It is important to consult a doctor regarding what kind of diet a senior should be on as many battle specific illnesses, take different medications, or have certain food allergies. Although nutritional restrictions may be in place, ask your seniors what they would like to eat and see if it’s within their diet or if a close substitute will suffice. 


To help seniors maintain a healthy life sleep is vital. Many seniors battle insomnia and restlessness. It is important to provide seniors with a cool, quiet, and comfortable room. In the evenings, dim the lights to help produce drowsiness, thus making seniors feel ready to have a great night’s rest. For a senior to feel rested and alert they should receive seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Seniors that get the rest their bodies need feel more fulfilled and ready for the next day.


An active senior is a healthy senior! If a senior exercises, it is not only good for their health but also improves their memory and energy. There are several different exercises seniors can do to improve their health. These include walking, water aerobics, dumbbell training, yoga, dancing, pilates, and more. Many of these can increase flexibility, improve balance, help joint flexibility and reduce stress. It is best for seniors to avoid high-intensity workouts such as rock climbing, long-distance jogging, bench pressing, or triathlons. It is important for seniors to choose their activity to exercise, so they will have more enjoyment from it. Although seniors should have their choice of exercise, a doctor should also be consulted to make sure what activities are best for that particular senior.


Get up and dance! Many seniors enjoy music and dancing. Find out what kind of music your senior enjoys, and put it on. Music and random dancing can work wonders for improving their moods. The physical touch while dancing and upbeat music can make for smiles all around. Music that is uplifting from a seniors era, along with a good companion, can help boost a seniors spirit.


Even at a later age, new interests can still be discovered. Classes that explore different hobbies are great for seniors to attend. If a senior attends any class to learn more and engage with an interest, it will help stimulate their body and mind. Finding the class that is right for a senior is important. If one does not work well, then they can certainly move on to another. New activities will help maintain joy in a seniors’ life and give them something else to look forward to.


Sunshine is a great mood booster. Seniors should venture outside daily. Whether they sit on a porch enjoying the morning sun or go on a short walk, they should get natural sun rays every day. This can help their emotional health, thus leading to more happiness. If a senior is feeling down, suggest a short walk and let the sun work its magic. If you or a loved one are in need of a home health aid Boca Raton, contact us today to learn more. 

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