Traumatic Brain Injury and the Need for Home Health Care

When you think of home health care or the need for a caregiver, what comes to mind?  It will likely depend upon your personal life experiences.  You immediately may think of a grandparent who suffered from Alzheimer’s, an aunt who has severe Muscular Dystrophy, or maybe simply an elderly parent who needs extra help.  How many of you thought of a young man in his 20s or a woman in her 30s?  We bet it wasn’t too many of you.  When we think of someone who is in need of extra care at home, we generally assume they are elderly.  But, there are many young people in need of home health care, as well.


What Causes Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)?

Today, we wanted to take a look at Traumatic Brain Injuries, commonly abbreviated as TBIs.  Traumatic Brain Injuries can be brought on from many things, including injuries that occurred during a war, such as veterans who were in a vehicle that ran over an IED (Implemented Explosive Device).  They can also occur from vehicle or motorcycle accidents, events that caused a lack of oxygen to the brain, as well as medical procedures that went wrong.  In fact, it is even possible to experience a TBI as a result of complications at birth.


What Aspects of Life Can TBI Affect?

Traumatic Brain Injuries don’t care how old you are, what your race is, or what gender you are.  They simply can affect any one of us because we all have brains!  You may not think that the annoying person next to you at work has a brain, but we promise that they do!  The effects of a brain injury are varied, depending on the area of the brain that is affected. It could be large motor skills that are affected, such as the ability to walk.  It could also affect things that are “unseen” such as one’s personality or ability to speak.  Our brains are complex and control every aspect of who we are, so the list of what may be affected is virtually endless.


How to Care for Someone with TBI

When a brain injury occurs, it is life-changing for the individual, as well as for their loved ones.  Often, other family members in the home have to go to work or school during the day and cannot stay home to take care of someone who is recovering from a brain injury.  Sometimes, these injuries affect a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks for the rest of their lives.


Whether it is for a period of recovery or ongoing care, we want to encourage you to call us at Champion Home Health Care to seek out home health care as an amazing option.  Even if you are able to care for your loved one, we can offer respite care because all caregivers need a little time to themselves to feel refreshed and healthy.  If you are located in North or West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or Boca Raton, then please give us a call.  We have highly trained caregivers, including skilled nurses.  You can have peace of mind when you have to leave the house because you will know your loved one is in caring, capable hands with our home care agency.

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