What Can Home Health Care Do for Me?

When you request a consultation with Champion Home Health Care of South Florida, we ask you what type of care is needed.  We give you choices with boxes to check for all that apply.  We wanted to discuss those choices today to give you a better idea of all that home health care can do for you or your loved one.


The choices offered on our consultation request form are as follows:  bathing/dressing, housekeeping/cooking/transportation, medical management/supervision, nursing care, therapy exercises, or other.  Let’s look at each of these to give you a better picture of what we can do to bring help into your home or the home of a loved one.



If someone has physical challenges, either from birth, an accident, or aging, they may need help with bathing and/or dressing.  This can be embarrassing and frustrating for the individual.  We treat all our clients with the utmost respect.  We understand that they would prefer to do this themselves, but are simply unable to do so.  We will do all we can to make them feel as comfortable and cared for as possible.  Needing help bathing is important for those who are unsteady on their feet as it is very easy to slip in a bathtub or shower or on a slippery bathroom floor.


Running Errands

Perhaps your loved one can no longer drive or is in a wheelchair but doesn’t have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  Our caregivers can run errands with or for our clients.  We can also provide those who can do meal preparation and/or housekeeping for those who are no longer able to do this for themselves.


Nursing Care

We have a trained nursing staff to meet the needs of our medical clients.  Our nurses can provide nursing care and medical management or supervision.  For some clients, this may mean just coming once a day to administer medication.  For others, it may mean around the clock nursing care.  Whatever the situation is, we can provide the appropriate nursing staff or senior helpers to meet your needs.

We offer trained therapists for different therapy needs from physical to occupational to speech therapy.  For some, any one of these therapies may be temporary as they recover from an accident or surgery.  For others, it will be ongoing therapy to maintain current muscle strength and flexibility, for example, so that atrophy does not occur.


We also have “other” on the list, so that you can let us know what your specific needs are.  For example, we offer care for those with memory issues, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.  Whatever the need, our highly trained staff will be individually matched to you or your loved one, so that the best care is given!


Champion Home Health Care takes great pride in the care we give, the caregivers we employ, and our ability to match our clients with the caregiver that is just right for them.  We serve North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and the surrounding areas.  If any of the above-listed services sound like something that you or a loved one needs, then please don’t hesitate.  Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.  We look forward to working with you!

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