What Is Respite Care?

If you are a caregiver to a loved one, then you absolutely need to know about respite care.  It can be a lifesaver for you as the caregiver.  In a previous blog, we discussed self-care for the caregiver.  Caregivers have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends, taking care of everyone except themselves.  It is unhealthy for everyone.  It is detrimental to your physical and emotional well-being.  You want to be an amazing caregiver, but that is virtually impossible if you are in a constant state of physical and/or emotional exhaustion.  So, self-care isn’t as “self-centered” as you might think.  It not only helps you, but it also helps you take better care of your loved one when you are in a healthy physical and emotional state.


While some caregivers may have other family members or friends who are willing to step in and give them a break, that is not always the case.  Additionally, while some people may be willing, they may not be qualified depending on the level of care that your elderly loved one requires.  Now, a family member or friend should be able to spend time with your loved one for an hour while you take a nap or a bath because you are there if they truly need you.


But, there are times that you need to leave the house to get errands done.  Your senior loved one may not want to go or may be incapable of going.  What do you do?  Or, maybe you are sick and in bed.  It can compromise the health of your loved one for you to care for them while you are ill.  What do you do?  It is in times such as these, as well as the need for self-care, that makes respite care so important!


Respite care is simply temporary care for your loved one while you get much-needed rest.  This may be as simple as a one hour break each day. It may be 24/7 care for a few days while you are sick and cannot compromise your aging loved one’s health.  It can also include short-term care like a week so that you can take a short vacation.  All of these are valid reasons for respite care.  You should NOT feel guilty for taking care of yourself too!


At Champion Home Health Care of South Florida, we can provide you with much-needed respite care!  Our staff consists of experienced senior helpers and licensed nurses.  We provide you with trained, licensed, insured caregivers who must pass background checks.  They are all CPR certified and have either their Certified Nursing Assistant license, Home Health Agency certificate or even higher medical licensing such as LVNs and RNs, depending upon your loved one’s medical needs.  We also provide in-service training for our employees in Alzheimer’s and memory issues.


You can rest assured that while you are getting a much-needed break, your loved one is receiving the highest level of respite care in the Palm Beach, FL area.  Your senior will be lovingly cared for while you get well or simply take a much-needed and much-deserved break.  We know you worry about your loved one.  We understand.  That’s why we promise to take unparalleled care of them, second only to YOU!  If you are in need of respite care and live in the West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, or Fort Lauderdale, please call our home health agency today.

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