What Senior Therapies does Champion Home Health Care Offer?

At Champion Home Health Care of South Florida, we know that every client is different and has unique needs. Some of the seniors we work with are fairly independent and simply need companionship from a caregiver or help around the house from time to time. Others require medical attention and could benefit from our 24-hour nursing services or the therapies we offer. Whatever the senior in your life needs, we have services to meet that need.

We just mentioned senior therapies, so what types of therapies do we offer, you might ask? Our licensed therapists specialize in three different areas – occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. Best of all, they come right to the client’s home to administer care! Our professional therapists can help improve your senior loved one’s range of motion, speech, balance, and more. Let us help improve the quality of life with our comprehensive therapies.

Occupational Therapy

People who are looking to improve their flexibility and upper-body strength could benefit from occupational therapy. This mode of treatment is often helpful for seniors who have recently undergone surgery and are hoping to speed up their recovery. After all, they’re anxious to get back to their everyday lives and be able to perform the tasks that need to be done! Occupational therapy focuses on the patient as a whole, and also helps those with cognitive disorders and dementia.

Physical Therapy

This type of therapy aims to improve mobility and range of motion. Our licensed physical therapists asses each client individually and come up with an exercise regimen tailored specifically to their needs. They help coach the patients through the exercises and make adjustments as necessary. Physical therapy is great for seniors who are recovering from an injury or who suffer from chronic pain. It can tremendously improve strength and alleviate pain. Physical therapy can also reduce the chance of falls, which can be especially dangerous for the elderly.

Speech Therapy

Sometimes seniors develop difficulties with speech and swallowing. This can be attributed to a number of factors, and age is a major one. Our licensed speech therapists are trained to help clients strengthen their voices, improve enunciation, and help build muscles in the mouth and throat to improve swallowing. This is vital for seniors who are prone to choking – our therapists can help drastically reduce the chance of choking through a series of exercises.

We are proud to offer seniors in the Boca Raton and West Palm Beach areas with a wide variety of services, including the therapies we discussed in this blog. Nervous about taking a spill? Our physical therapists can help improve your strength and balance, reducing that risk. Concerned that your recovery from surgery isn’t moving along? Our occupational therapy might be just what you need. Is your speech deteriorating? Our speech therapists can help! Whatever your needs are, Champion Home Health Care can create a customized plan for you in the comfort of your own home. We have two locations in the South Florida area. If you’re looking for a senior health care agency in North Palm Beach, call (561) 776-0203. If you need senior care in Fort Lauderdale, call (561) 347-0440. We look forward to working with you.

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