What to Do When Your Spouse Needs Home Health Care


Aging happens to everyone, no matter what serums, creams, surgical procedures, healthy eating and exercises they use to avoid it. Some changes occur so gradually that they are almost unnoticeable, while others can seem to come from nowhere and have a significant impact on daily activities and your relationship. Champion Home Health Care is here to help you understand the changes you are noticing and to help you care for your aging spouse.


How do I know if my spouse needs home health care?

There are some common changes that occur during the aging process. Alone they may not seem significant; the combination of one or more signals that your spouse is in need of additional support to get through each day safely. Here are some observational questions to ask yourself: 


  • Does your spouse have difficulty getting in or out of a chair?
  • Are they struggling to walk with confidence, or do they appear to be unsteady?
  • Have you noticed a lack of interest in personal hygiene? 
  • Are you observing unexplained skin tears or bruising?
  • Is your spouse forgetting to take their medication as prescribed?
  • Has their driving become unpredictable, or do they become lost on routes that are familiar?
  • Have they lost interest in eating or preparing meals? Have you noticed weight loss?
  • Are they confused easily or are they leaving things on the stove unattended, leaving cigarettes burning or appliances plugged in and on?
  • Has your spouse experienced recent falls?
  • Have you noticed a change in temperament?


You might find that talking with your spouse about struggles you notice can be met with resistance. It can be hard for people to admit when they need help. The realization that someone is losing their ability to perform daily activities is a severe blow to the ego, and while they may not want to engage in a discussion, it’s time for you to steer them to seek medical advice. Once the decision is made that home health care is the next step, the scope of assistance moving forward is where Champion Home Health Care can be your source of guidance and strength.


Caring alone for your spouse in your senior years is the one of the most difficult tasks you will perform. The loss of independence can be an embarrassment to them, and you may feel uncomfortable performing some necessary tasks. If dealing with your own medical issues, the additional responsibilities and stress can compromise your own. 


It’s okay to ask for help. Not only will having a home health care worker provide the expert care your spouse deserves; it will allow you to maintain your relationship as a spouse, which is important to both of you for your continued mental and emotional health. 


When it’s time to consider home health care, call us at 321-608-3838 to discuss your needs and options for care. Champion Home Health Care is here to help.