What to Expect From a Home Health Caregiver

Home Caregiver with senior man in bathroom

If you need to hire a home health care worker for a loved one, then you may be wondering what you should expect from him or her.  What does their job entail?  Well, that really depends on the needs of the senior in your life!  We will meet with you and go over the list of needs that your loved one has, then match you up with the best caregiver possible.

It depends on the client’s needs

Our clients have a wide array of home health care needs.  Some may only need someone to stop by once a day to check on them while others may require full-time, 24-hour skilled nursing care in North Palm Beach, FL.  Some may need a Certified Nursing Assistant who can bathe them and help with their hygiene.  Others need a Registered Nurse (RN) who can administer prescription drugs or injections.  We have a varied, highly-trained staff who can meet all of these needs.

What caregivers are not

What you can expect from your senior helper is for them to do exactly what you have hired them to do.  They are not being paid to sit on your couch and watch movies unless that is what the client wants to do with their caregiver. If part of their role is to provide companionship for the client, then this may absolutely be one of their duties on a given day.  However, if they are there with a list of things to do that should keep them busy for their entire shift, then that is what they are expected to do.


Professional caregivers are not there to eat the client’s food, watch their television, swim in their pool, or be on social media!  We hope that your home health care worker becomes like family if they are there on a long-term basis.  If this is the case, then your family member may invite them to share a meal or watch a television program.  That is an entirely different scenario, and we are pleased when our clients have a warm and friendly relationship with their caregiver.

How to get started

You may not know exactly what your loved one needs until the caregiver gets started, at which time the caregiver may share with you what they have noticed during their time with your senior loved one.  Home care plans can absolutely be adjusted to increase or decrease the caregiver’s time and/or responsibilities for ideal elderly care.  We understand that home healthcare in the Palm Beach County area is a fluid situation.  Some of our clients are temporary and improve quickly or over time, and then our time with them ends.  Other clients remain in our home care for the duration of their lives.


We promise to provide your loved one with not just adequate care but outstanding home care assistance!  If your loved one lives in South Florida, then please call us!  Champion Home Health Care of South Florida has an office in Lake Worth serving and North and West Palm Beach and another location in Boca Raton. We look forward to meeting you and your loved one, establishing the proper health care plan, and moving forward in order to make your lives better!

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